TRLT, Inc. Presents

An award winning martial arts drama

Free Carradine, son of legend David Carradine, makes his breakout debut in The Jade Trader! 

The film also features David Carradine's older daughter Calista in a supporting role. 

Martial artists including William Christopher Ford and John Kreng, as well as established actor Kelvin Han Yee, and successful stuntperson PeiPei Yuan have important contributions to the film as supporting actors and the female lead.

The Jade Trader also introduces Daniel Mah, martial artist and tricking expert, to his acting career.

D.M. Blue round out the cast which also features the stunt work of several notable and up and coming stars!

A jade trader befriends the heiress of an extensive art and jade collection in Vietnam, discovering their rich shared past as they struggle for justice. Bi Gong Ri arrives early one morning and is an immediate witness to a murder by a Triad leader looking to corner the world market in antique jades. The victim, Shin Shaw, was the antiquities expert as well as lifelong counsel and father figure for Liu Ling. Bi shows no hesitation in trying to catch the killer Hu Deng, underling for the Triad boss Chiang Cho. However, he must first fight his way past 3 different layers of his defenders.  That changes the dynamic and the future of the city, the jade trade and the criminal element as well. But it especially changes the lives of Bi Gong Ri and Liu Ling.  After disarming his lethal crew, Bi instead opts to offer comfort to the mortally wounded Shin Shaw. This leads to a friendship and partnership as he tries to expose the Triad boss Chiang Cho, and, by so doing, set things right. He enlists the help of the US Ambassador's wife Ciara and her sifu Kally Kelly. In time Liu chooses to liquidate her collection, for the safety of all as she yearns for justice. That is also the goal of her new friend, and together they work to resolve this dark cloud overhanging their lives. In so doing, as well, they learn of each other's remote but shared history adding even more strength to their efforts.

For cast and crew please follow link to IMDB:                                           Black Belt magazine was the first to announce this breakout role.                                                        The film has its world premiere at the Action On Film Festival this year.